The Regulatory Genome Project


The Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) is a transformational initiative being led by the University of Cambridge. The RGP’s primary mission is to develop and support the adoption of an open standard framework for classifying regulatory content.

The initiative is a multi-year project, inspired by the scientific and commercial innovation that followed the collective effort to code the human genome. It includes a growing collaboration network of regulatory agencies, companies and academic researchers who are engaged across a number of core activities within the project.

Regulatory Genome Project Regulatory Sequencing

What are these activities?

In building this open standard framework for classifying regulatory content, the RGP combines the globally leading expertise from two departments within the University of Cambridge – financial technology and regulation from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) and artificial intelligence and natural language processing from the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

This powerful combination of technological expertise and domain knowledge provides the basis for a distinctive set of machine-readable taxonomies built upon and organised around financial regulatory obligations. The programme for building these taxonomy sets is currently underway and will be released as a public good from 2023.

News and announcements

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